Super Amazing Wagon Adventure is a fast-paced 2d shooting game with a random story. You control a group of three migrants traveling west along a wagon trail. The game consists of short scenes that are sequenced together in a semi-random way to tell a crazy adventure story. One minute you could be massacring a herd of buffalo, the next attacked by eagles while falling off a cliff.

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure was created by me, sparsevector, a solo game developer.

Now more super amazing! Super Amazing Wagon Adventure has been updated with new stuff to become Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Turbo! The new version is now on Steam, Desura, GamersGate and Xbox Live Indie Games.


Buy the game for Xbox 360 or for Windows PC on Steam or Desura.

Download the free demo for Windows PC directly from me or on Desura

Get the soundtrack with the PC version or on bandcamp.


Did you buy the PC version before the Steam release? This page explains how to get a Steam key.

Are you having trouble running the game? This page explains how to get help.